Low Self-Esteem

lost-places-1495150_1920 Many of us throughout our lives will suffer with low self-esteem or a poor sense of self-image. It is a common enough occurrence and some are lucky enough to pull through it and regain that sense of self-worth. But for others, low self-esteem can become a life dominating issue that colours everything they do. So what exactly is it and what can be done to deal with it?


pasture-80259_1920Anxiety is a natural part of our emotional makeup and is the mechanism by which our body prepares for a potentially dangerous situation. It is important to recognise that those “butterflies in the stomach” that we associate with anxiety are a natural reaction, both to positive and negative situations. Sometimes however, anxiety can move beyond a reasonable reaction and lead to an anxiety disorder.


pexels-photo-132204Your self-confidence is the value and belief you place in yourself and what you can achieve. As a human resource it is an incredibly powerful tool as it allows us to stretch ourselves, to take risks, to try hard and achieve.