Pink Terrazzo Trivet


Beautifully simple hand poured Pink Terrazzo Trivet in a minimalist shape, handmade in a small workshop on the Cornish Coast. Perfect for casual dining all year round but ideal for eating al fresco in the garden.

The terrazzo trivets are made from a white eco resin inlaid with speckles of colour and crushed recycled mussel shells. Every trivet is made by hand by pouring the eco resin in small batches and sanding to a smooth finish. Each Trivet is polished by hand and sealed in an organic food safe wax which will also prevent light staining. The white based terrazzo is also heat resistant and can be used for hot drinks as well as long summer drinks.

We offer two colourways of the trivet, pink or coral. The terrazzo trivets are perfect not only for dining but also for soaps or jewellery.

In stock (can be backordered)

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