What is Sorbet? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Sorbet is pronounced /ˈsɔːbeɪ/ or /ˈsɔːbɪt/ and is usually fruit-flavoured ice served as a dessert or between courses as a palate.

There are many myths and legends of where sorbet may have originated from. From the Chinese to the Romans and through India and Persia to Paris, the indication is that the first sorbet was a frozen aromatic sweet drink.

The concept of freezing ice and natural fruit flavouring into sorbets or adding milk, eggs and sugar to create gelato was developed by the Italians into the favourite comfort food we know and love today across the world.

Sorbet Living takes its inspiration from these amazing sorbets and gelatos and the nature they derive from for its unique home and lifestyle brand: Be brave with colour!

We aim to bring our customers a carefully curated selection of luxury modern home and lifestyle items in mouth-watering colours. From soft mints and pinks to deeper berry shades, explore our unique take on the season: It’s time to take a fresh direction…


We sell beautifully designed products in unique refreshing colours. Our linens are hand dyed and the beeswax candles we sell are hand dipped with natural dyes. Our porcelain tableware is slip cast and every terrazzo piece is made from recycled shells.

Many of our products are made from natural materials such as linen, cotton, porcelain and wool which hold colour well and are easier to trace through the supply chain. Sorbet Living mainly buys from small producers who take great care to make sustainable items with integrity which will last a long time.